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Web Design and Development

A high-quality website is the foundation of online marketing. Our team of web design and development experts creates websites that meet your various needs, including corporate websites, landing pages, websites for e-commerce and more.

300 sites in total created in 15 languages
AUN is experienced in developing a variety of projects, from the basic corporate website to large-scale mission-critical system architectures. We have steadfastly met the marketing needs of our clients for tourist reservation systems, various CMS developments, e-commerce and others. We also offer global support using our command of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other website development technologies from developing over 300 sites in more than 15 language environments.
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Our company provides website production utilizing high-quality graphic design based on our experience in Japan. With our team of experts who are knowledgeable in multilingual websites, we can provide support for 64 languages worldwide. In multilingual web design, the preferred design styles differ according to each country. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for the latest information from all the countries. Furthermore, we are not only proficient in design, we also excel in web design and site architecture that takes our SEO core business into account.

We can provide you with a site architecture that balances design with SEO needs, using our knowledge base on SEO acquired from AUN Consulting (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers) with its more than 13 years' online marketing experience in Japan. The result is a website with a first-rate design that can attract much more traffic from search engines such as Google.

Why is a Website Necessary?

A large majority of people in Japan uses the Internet. However, Internet usage rates in the Southeast Asian region are also rapidly growing each year. Moreover, the number of Internet users are expected to increase further in the future, with the widespread use of smartphones and other new devices connected to the Internet along with personal computers.

The website is an important tool connecting global Internet users to corporations (or individuals). Not having a website is an opportunity loss, which means you may be unknowingly losing a business chance. Corporations who thought that they do not need websites until now may need to reconsider.

  • Can provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Can inform about your company business or service (in lieu of sales materials or catalogues) → Your website is effectively an excellent salesperson
  • Are shown as objective information; users can view it objectively due to high ranking in organic search results
  • Improve credibility in business

*There are still a lot more reasons not detailed here.

App Development

In Hong Kong, everyone has one or more smartphones, and various transactions and conversations are conducted over the smartphone screen. If you are looking for a developer who can create a smartphone app to improve service or content accessibility, needless to say, our company can develop the app itself, but we can also tailor the app to your overall marketing image.

PR - Other Digital Marketing Support Services

There is a tendency, particularly in Asian cultures, to trust the word of third parties rather than marketers. Marketing can be described as communication with your target audience through an appropriate channel. Publicity or public relations (PR) is one of its important means. Through our collaboration with the major local media and portal sites, we can assist you with publishing your news and events ads using your preferred media. We can also provide an effective plan that combines online reviews, various message boards, blogs, social networking platforms and video sites.

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