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AUN's SEO can solve your problem.

AUN is the longest serving SEO company in Asia with over 15 years of experience. We strongly believe that our SEO has special advantages to your marketing needs!

Longest SEO experience in Asia

Great experience and knowledges that comes from our 15+ years of experience and analysis: gives you edges.

Take results and trust seriously

Listed company in Tokyo stock exchange market, we take client's trust seriously and offer sincere service.

Over 2000 clients experience

Our client ranges across industries and countries, and our service is tested by all of them.

What is SEO? Why SEO?

SEO is to optimize your website so that it will show up in higher rank of natural search result, where people’s trust and click rate is the highest. It is the key success factor branding and it brings high quality traffic to your website.

Our philosophy and point of view

  • SEO a mean, not an end.
    The end goal is your conversions and sales.
  • But then, SEO is one of the best way to achieve your goal
    It brings you most quality visitors to your website organically.
  • SEO is not an advertisement.
    Being found in search result is a necessity, and also branding.


  • If you have a website, you need SEO.
  • People will visit with trust and expectation.
  • It shows that you are a supported and reputable brand.


  • You decide whether to do ads and how.
  • People will visit with doubt and skepticism.
  • It shows that you are promoting your brand hard.

Some of our work

So, see how we have been doing it so far.

Case No.1: Real Estate Company

Client's goal: To increase visitors and inquiries upon website renewal, while retaining the existing PV

Our work: Global SEO & PPC

  • Taking website potential into keyword consideration
  • Research on domestic and global search engines
  • Setting up appropriate navigation in the website
  • Creating multi entrance for the website
  • Thorough SEO work in each layer


  • Domestic: Rank 50 → Rank 10
  • Global: Rank 100 → Rank 5
  • Website access: Increased 550%

Case No.2 : Informational Website Company

Client's goal: To increase website visitors for their new website

Our work: Domestic SEO

  • Ranking research on target keywords
  • Website analysis and advisory
  • Designing internal links and navigation
  • Dividing pages according to the content
  • Thorough SEO work in each layer


  • Ranked in first page constantly after 5 months
  • Website access: increased 350%

Case No.3 : Electronics Company

Client's goal: To raise awareness of their product and company name

Our work: Global SEO

  • Website analysis and advisory
  • Ranking research on selected keywords
  • Conduct SEO in 3 different languages


  • Ranked 1st in all languages after 3 months
  • Website access: increased 250%

Our services

There are about more than 150 factors for deciding SEO. These factors can be broadly categorized into 2 areas, internal and external factors. To strengthen both factors, we provide detailed and tailored proposal for your website to become SEO friendly, and also provide link services.

SEO Package

  • 10 Keywords
  • Result-guarantee pricing: Only charged when ranked in 1st or 2nd page!
  • Flexible monthly based contract

You are in if you...

  • Have many keywords to cover
  • Do not like to take any risk
  • Want to target multiple customer needs

SEO Ranking

  • 1 Keyword
  • Result-guarantee pricing: Only charged when ranked within 20th!
  • Flexible monthly based contract

You are in if you...

  • Have specific keyword to target
  • Do not like to take any risk
  • Know which keyword is most influential to target customer

SEO Basic

  • 5 Keyword
  • Fixed pricing: Know exactly how much to pay each month with our lowest rate
  • Stable 6 month contract

You are in if you...

  • Want to balance the cost and benefit
  • Want to target multiple customer needs
  • Prefer to have fixed budgeting

Even better for you...

No deposit, No setup fee!
We don't take money unless we get what we promised done.

No spam
Over 15+ years of your SEO experience, we never let any client suffer from spam or penalties.

Global SEO
We can do SEO in 63 languages, and any search engines.

About AUN Group

Our History

1998 Founded in Japan
2002 Participate in SES forum
2005 Listed to Tokyo stock exchange market
2006 Invited by Google and Yahoo headquarter for a course
2010 AUN Hong Kong Marketing Co.,Ltd. establishment
2014 Still expanding...

You are the next!

Want to know more?

  • Is there any other fee incurred during or before the service?

    No, our service takes NO deposit, NO setup fee or other fees. We will only charge you according to the agreed service plans.

  • How long does it normally take to see SEO Results?

    Many websites usually engage in an SEO for at least few months in order to achieve good results, yet ‘desired results’ will vary with each client. It may be best to understand that SEO tactics are ‘working’ all the time to achieve your desired results; and, once your SEO results are achieved, they are long lasting.

  • What’s the difference between organic SEO and Paid results?

    When a user conducts a search, they will be confronted by both organic results and paid results. Paid results are highlighted and usually placed on the very top or right-hand side of the page. While Paid Advertising is a great way to get you in front of people quickly, it is more short-term and higher in cost because you need to pay every time someone clicks on your site. Organic search results are more trusted, and have higher click rates which cost nothing.

  • How do you find the best keywords for my business?

    First we'll ask you to describe your business and market, and ask you to provide a few suggested seed keywords. Then we'll evaluate this data and feed it to our database tools. From this we get related search terms along with information about how many people are searching for them and how many other web sites are competing with you for the traffic. From this we will suggest you a few valuable key phrases tailored to your goals and budget.

  • How does Google view my site?

    Google crawls each site often and sporadically using ‘spider bots.’ The bots read your pages and help Google catalog your site and its associated pages.

  • What are Page Titles & Meta Description tags?

    Page Titles & Meta Description tags of a URL are the on page elements that appear in search results for that URL.

  • What is black hat SEO? (And what's white hat SEO?!)

    White hat describes SEO that uses safe, best practices recommended by the search engines. Black hat techniques are frowned upon by the search engines. If Google finds out you're using black hat SEO, they'll punish you by removing your site from their directory altogether.

  • What about complementary, non-SEO marketing?

    SEM, display ads, press releases, and other traditional marketing efforts work well with SEO campaigns. We recommend a strategy encompassing a broad suite of complimentary marketing techniques to meet your goals. We're happy to discuss a comprehensive vision with you.



The Good Lab, L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Privacy Policies

This Privacy Policy explains how AUN Hong Kong Marketing manages your personal information. It includes details of how we collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information.

What We Collect

Your “Personal Data” includes information such as your name, email address, and contact information.

We will never ask for personal information such as ID number, passport number, date of birth, personal address or bank account details.

Your Personal Data is collected through business and personal contact with the staff of AUN Hong Kong Marketing. They may also be collected via our e-Newsletter sign-up on our website (if any).

How We Use Your Personal Data

AUN Hong Kong Marketing uses the Personal Data for the following purposes:

Will We Share Your Personal Data?

We do not attempt to share or sell your data to anyone.

How We Store & Secure Your Personal Data

Your Personal Data is retained in our email marketing solution server until you choose to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

We take care to keep your Personal Data secure with AUN Hong Kong Marketing and stringent security is in place so as to prevent unauthorized to our web server.

Accessing, Restricting, Correcting, Amending & Deleting Your Personal Data

You may access, review, correct and amend your Personal Data by clicking on the “Update” link, which is below all of our e-Newsletters or e-Mailers.

To delete your Personal Data, click the "Unsubscribe" link, which is below all of our e-Newsletters or e-Mailers.

You may by also inform us in writing via email to correct, amend or delete your data.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

Any changes we may make to our Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, notified to you by e-mail.

Queries, Comments & Complaints

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about our collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data, or if you believe that we have not complied with this Privacy Policy or applicable laws, please contact us using the details below.

We will take any privacy complaint seriously and any complaint will be assessed with the aim of resolving any issue in a timely and efficient manner.

Contact Us

For more information on this Privacy Policy or the use of your personal data, please contact us at +852 2368 0528 during office hours for clarifications.

SEO Disclaimer

AUN Hong Kong Marketing bases all of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work on the latest practices and procedures on par with the known industry standards. We do not practice black hat tactics or unethical SEO methods.

AUN Hong Kong Marketing is not affiliated with or have any special relationship with Google, Yahoo, or any other search engines.

AUN Hong Kong Marketing does not guarantee any specific rankings or listings on search engines due to the fact that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. The process can take as much as three months to over a year before showing any significant results.

The main goal is to increase targeted traffic to the customer’s website over a period of time using SEO strategies agreed by the client. These services include but not limited to: keyword research, meta-tag optimization, link optimization, XML sitemap creation, inbound links, submitting website to general and vertical directories, and more.

Please note, it is normal for the traffic of your website to drop after a website re-launch, site architecture, renaming URLs or other changes made. It will take some time for search engines to re-crawl the new pages of a site and index those pages for search results. While we take as many measures as we can to help your site avoid a drop in traffic, we are not responsible for any traffic reduction that may occur.

All sales are final. No refunds. We provide detailed and tedious labor through services and are compensated for our time and the delivery of our services only and not that of the following: Search Engine / Search Directory listings, results, or rankings.

AUN Hong Kong Marketing reserves the right to refuse services to websites that we view as inappropriate via our own discretion. This includes (but not limited to): Gambling, Porn, FFA sites or Link Farms, Hate Groups, Terroristic Organizations, or anything that is deemed to be against the law(s) national and international.