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About AUN

We are a Japanese online marketing company launched in 1998. We developed our own techniques on how to increase search rankings at a time when the Internet has not yet permeated our lives. As the first company in Japan to offer SEO services, we have provided assistance to more than 2,000 companies. We have also expanded into 7 countries around Asia, to offer you services from a global standpoint.

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On media

Rapid growth of mobile marketing
Our general manager was interviewed for his take on the growth of mobile marketing and how to make the most of the opportunities. You can use location information to lead nearby customers to stores, encourage direct reservations from mobile ads and much more.

Research: Hong Kong as a base for the China market
On Hong Kong’s attractiveness as a base for China and the global market, our general manager said that AUN intends to expand business operations into the China market, whose middle-income population is growing, using Hong Kong as the hub for the whole Asian market.

Interview with AUN Hong Kong Marketing
With the March 11 earthquake and the economic downturn in Japan, many Japanese corporations are starting to expand their businesses into the foreign markets. AUN Hong Kong Marketing was interviewed as one of the companies leading this trend. AUN gave some advice to companies following on its footsteps.